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i cant wait for the next update this game is so good :)


yo keep up the good work

idk but i cant interact with certain characters? it says click space yet it doesnt do anything pls help! amazing game love to see more too!

Face them but don't be on the same space as them. 


always excited for the next updates for this game, I love it when a combat system is more than just holding down enter (and who doesn't LOVE wardrobe destruction), I do often feel like combat is too easy though. I unequip my armor and weapons to make combat more difficult. 
Also I do think that it should be easier to farm corruption just so it's easier to see everything in each version.

Can anyone help me with the WebGL problem? I've tried a few ways but it still said my browser isn't support WebGL eventhough it does work on other websites.

My only real criticism at the moment is that it is very RNG reliant on what your opponent does and there is no way to force a specific interaction to level up your corruption in that area for instance. This leads to a situation where I have to constantly go back and forth to the fireplace to try and level up with an enemy and this isn't very fun. That being said, I think its a good game so far and reminds me a lot of Kayrrn's Prison  so look forward to future updates


Found a bug were if you click on the sensitivity menu before the jerk-off scenes it will be on the combat screen as a ghost overlay. Also i keep seeing the foresight discripsion as a ghost overlay.


yeah this happened to me too. Really annoying as well since if you save when the bug happened it can't be removed by any means.


each time i save the game,quit the game and come back my save isnt here so i have to start from the beginning


How do i download the game so that I do not have to restart from scratch everytime a new update comes out?

why is there a bug where you can counterattack your own moves like reserve and stuff??

damn, new waiting wallpaper, i really like your art style

so issue with 3.1 ofc downloaded it a few days ago and finally played, anyone else having issues talking with the few NPCs that will actually talk with you?

Also how do i find the lube the old man wants to get the nugget? I found a nugget in town but clearly that isnt what he wants.

He wants the Troglodyte Gland, the Troglodyte boss drop that

why is it so damn hard to get an actual sex scene? it's just described, not actually shown

because the game is roughly 6 months old and is still building its systems? :L

yeah y'know what that's actually perfectly reasonable

if you are holding up a stat before you get into a battle for a sex skill or something similiar, it gets stuck on your screen in every recurring battle, just a bug I found

so a bug I ran into is after going up the latter in the first house and then going back down you get softlocked in the void.

take my money, where do i put it, i cant seem to get it to you fast enough

There's a bug with the tits tracking. I've been carefully avoiding increasing the corruption cap for them; I have never reached 30% corruption and can tell by the special passives - I only have clandestine approach unlocked. However, the tracking says that there have been 22 tit squeezes - once  "stimulated melons" is unlocked it will be impossible to level other body parts as the passive corruption increase  seems to almost guarantee the enemies focus on them as there will inevitably be more actions available. This is made worse by the passive corruption increase from "stimulated melons" not adhering to the stat cap (similar to the random corruption from having low willpower). 

On a different note, is the "abs" section of the sensitivity matrix intentionally disabled? I have started a few different games and the "abs" passives never seem to change at all. The exploits record does track things, however.

Deleted 131 days ago

Please fix, Velminth.

The corruption level doesn't increase for some reason? This might be a bug since I already tried redownloading it and it still doesn't increase. Also, I have this 10 perma-stat on pussy too. 

In a fight, the the sensitivity matrix would increase, but when you go into the record, there is no corruption at all (excluding the 10 perma-stat on pussy). This makes getting things like [Tits grope], [Asscheeks jobs], etc. Completely impossible.

The corruption levels reset to their baselines after each fight (It's intended). To increase baseline corruption you must unlock "progress passives" in your sensitivity matrix by getting some lewd activities in fight.

In order to get tits grope or asscheeks jobs, currently the most efficient way is to stall the combat with an horny enemy ( using "calming thoughs" among over things) to slowly increase corruption level.

Here is a tip : try to keep one enemy alive and get him horny, then try to stall the fight keeping your willpower low, since low willpower passively increase corruption level each turn. Watch out that your willpower never reach 0.

I've been doing the tip too for the older version and it still doesn't work in this version. Everything would still stay at 0% (excluding the pussy) for some reason. I'll still try to update and possibly delete this post if I find a way to fix this or avoid the "bug".

somehow I managed to raise the corruption levels, but it is VERY hard to raise. And it's not clear how the actions of opponents are counted, since I specifically grind this level in battles.

If you can, could you tell us how and how much time it took


Got stuck climbing back down the ladder at the start of the game. Nasty bug.

Art looks promising, but hoping combat gets reworked.


Happens to me too, and the combat got really boring after 5 minute

Yeah, agreed. But I guess to be a bit more constructive with my 2 cents, I think there is enough going on to where combat could be built upon without a complete overhaul.

It was wise to add different meters (emotion, stamina, and willpower), but they're wasted until players have more ways to directly engage with them. Imo, it'd be a solid improvement if ways to engage in ""peaceful"" combat actions were added. These could even interact with willpower, our corruption/sensitivity, as well as the enemy's lust. Better still if those actions include art to show what's happening. The game has a talented artist, just would like to see more of it.
--At the very least, combat needs to have an option to surrender and fall without having to force the loss of stamina
There's still good here tho; I really do like Saria's character design. There is potential and imo this is a game that's worth keeping an eye on its progress. All in all, just hope those peaceful techniques aren't overlooked and will be viable against most enemies. Sometimes devs focus too much on purity runs and the ""pacifist"" options are either non-existent or just lead to the same exact game over cutscene. 

(Since enemies can 'die' from lust but Saria doesn't have any actions/techniques she presently can do to increase their lust, I imagine it's an intended feature. But time will tell if we get anything more than those passive stat changes. I really do hope the dev(s) stay/s motivated, best of luck Velminth!)        

Yeah, the combat mechanic got potential but it still got a lack of content from the dev. Just need to wait for them

is there only chapter 1 for now? it's a great start so far.

hey how do i save?

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the combat need to rework , there should be a defend button for saving stamina and wait for skill cool down 

there should be stealth  mechanic as well as stat checking  action 

also a job system , each has its own skill tree that can  inherit  some certain skill such as hack/slash/stab .

option to manually add tribute point to stat when level up

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Pretty good, but obviously not too much content, took me around 3 hours to complete, i mean 90% complition, all 3 hentai scenes, all enemies, all locations. You can easily complete game without losing virginity, and the game itself is very easy especially after you get dagger from that.. Dog, and the game is pretty short too, but ya know, good things take time to make.  Right now i would say this game has really good potential and i would definetly wait for updates, good luck to ya developer(s)!


a surrender button for the homies that got too strong

I feel like I'm losing some content or a mechanic. Where is the end of the game at the moment? And are there any sexual mechanics besides losing fights?

It was great until I suddenly kept missing and eventually couldn't attack. Refilling everything didn't change anything. It was annoying to me that I just kept missing and I had no way to do attack or run away. I was only able to throw knives which wouldn't you know it, missed every time. 

Game art looks great, skill tree looks great, combat made me sad.

Would play again.

whenever I would die or lose in a battle I would be brought down to the caves and never saw any other cinematic like the one in the page gallery, Am I just dying to the same people or is there only one cinematic so far?

Three total ingame right now. 


0.2 has made the game sooo much better, genuinely the only complaint i had for 0.1 was the pixel art quality and bam it looks great, has good foundation set up, really looking forward to seeing what comes next!


If you're the guy on F95 that mentioned it, you're the sole reason I updated the pixel art. 


haha no I'm not 


Am I the only one who thinks the world the game takes place in looks an awful lot like Olathe?

im stuck

how do you complete this game without getting completely corrupted...

it's kind of random but intirely possible, you just have to grind a bit


Just wanted to say thank you. Finally a game where the main girl is more on the darker side in skin tone. Most if not all games in this genre are always the same so its extremely appreciated to see some diversity. Im looking forward to this project and will be keeping a close eye on it. I wish you nothing but the best


love the artstyle and the overall layout of the game, keep doing what you are doing  my man


is the player character a virgin?

at the start yes


I noticed that if willpower dropped to 0, then they statr sex immediatly and I did not find a single mechanic to get out of this state, even if willpower was restored. Maybe I didn't understand or didn't see something. Even though this is just the beginning it's nice to play. I wonder what the plot of the game will be and how it will turn out in the end)))


I'm seeing Karryn's Prison vibes. This game looks so good. I hope you succeed with this game. I'll definetly buy this when it's on Steam.

If you lose a fight to the dog on the start of the third map, you get stuck in an infinite loop of it fucking you till the end of the battle, and then instantly restarting the battle to do it again.

Even if you win the fight, it resets infinitely.  You cannot get past the Celestian Hound and, more to the point, it puts you in an infinite loop, soft locking the game.

Should be resolved with the hotfix~ 

Hello, there's also 3 smoldering man after the hound enemy in the same area that also has the same stuck. Thought you need to know :)

Gocha, fixed for next update. Thanks for mentioning. 

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