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I feel like I'm losing some content or a mechanic. Where is the end of the game at the moment? And are there any sexual mechanics besides losing fights?

It was great until I suddenly kept missing and eventually couldn't attack. Refilling everything didn't change anything. It was annoying to me that I just kept missing and I had no way to do attack or run away. I was only able to throw knives which wouldn't you know it, missed every time. 

Game art looks great, skill tree looks great, combat made me sad.

Would play again.

whenever I would die or lose in a battle I would be brought down to the caves and never saw any other cinematic like the one in the page gallery, Am I just dying to the same people or is there only one cinematic so far?

Three total ingame right now. 


0.2 has made the game sooo much better, genuinely the only complaint i had for 0.1 was the pixel art quality and bam it looks great, has good foundation set up, really looking forward to seeing what comes next!


If you're the guy on F95 that mentioned it, you're the sole reason I updated the pixel art. 


haha no I'm not 


Am I the only one who thinks the world the game takes place in looks an awful lot like Olathe?

im stuck

how do you complete this game without getting completely corrupted...

it's kind of random but intirely possible, you just have to grind a bit


Just wanted to say thank you. Finally a game where the main girl is more on the darker side in skin tone. Most if not all games in this genre are always the same so its extremely appreciated to see some diversity. Im looking forward to this project and will be keeping a close eye on it. I wish you nothing but the best


love the artstyle and the overall layout of the game, keep doing what you are doing  my man


is the player character a virgin?

at the start yes


I noticed that if willpower dropped to 0, then they statr sex immediatly and I did not find a single mechanic to get out of this state, even if willpower was restored. Maybe I didn't understand or didn't see something. Even though this is just the beginning it's nice to play. I wonder what the plot of the game will be and how it will turn out in the end)))


I'm seeing Karryn's Prison vibes. This game looks so good. I hope you succeed with this game. I'll definetly buy this when it's on Steam.

If you lose a fight to the dog on the start of the third map, you get stuck in an infinite loop of it fucking you till the end of the battle, and then instantly restarting the battle to do it again.

Even if you win the fight, it resets infinitely.  You cannot get past the Celestian Hound and, more to the point, it puts you in an infinite loop, soft locking the game.

Should be resolved with the hotfix~ 

Hello, there's also 3 smoldering man after the hound enemy in the same area that also has the same stuck. Thought you need to know :)

Gocha, fixed for next update. Thanks for mentioning. 

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