0.3.1 - Changelog


Changelog :

-BJ Expressions no longer override default ones if Saria has *particular* passives.

-Interiors now properly positioned.

-Can no longer move during Defeat.

-Oskar The Drunk & Celestian Hound Ausfa no longer cum until Saria's Willpower is 0.

-Fixed Tit Poke not being tracked properly.

-Halved the time it takes for mooks to cum. 

-Halved Willpower damage for hardcore activities beside penetration.

 (Until there's a way to mitigate for them, do note that you will still get nuked if you get in a gangbang.)

As for the concerns about focusing a particular bodypart and such, I'll address them in the next update.


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Jun 29, 2022

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