0.4 - Changelog

TL;DR : Corruption is faster, tighter and more specialized. Also skill tree reworks, new maps and a boss. 

Next month is another full art month, as the cycle dictates. If there's time left at the end of the month more maps/progression.

Changelog (spoilers obviously) :

v 0.4

- Map : Razed Village (accessible via Scorched Hill's right)

- Map : Mirage Dunes (accessible via Shrub's right)

- Map : SMS Gneisenau (accessible via Mirage Dunes)

- Defeat Scenario : Webbed Up

- New Boss : Sentina The Smuggler

- Added Fast Travel from Camps with Cages.

- Intro segment with a background questionnaire

- New Techniques Tree

- Reworked most Techniques along with adding some new ones 

- Inspiration Points can now only be acquired from defeating bosses

- Encounter Portrait now changes the moment something happens instead of only changing once at the Turn’s End.

- Knocking Down and several other arousal/debuff/buff/lewd unlock effects now also happen the moment they should instead of at the Turn's End.

- Renamed old Relief category to Defensive

- Added new Relief Techniques to lower a particular bodypart's corruption by a small increment. (Unlocked after reaching Aroused for the first time)

- Increased Corruption gain from anywhere between 40% to 60% across the board

- Enemies now are randomly assigned 1 or in very rare occasions 2-3 prefered bodyparts. (to drastically lower super spread across all bodyparts)

- Added 3 more jerk off targets to Enemies

- Changed BJ expressions from passive-based to arousal-based

- Strom Tilley's questline can now be finalized in quite a few ways.

- New Voice Lines for Encounters (Bosses,Defeat,Activity Start, Dealing and Taking damage etc.)

- 2 New Songs (Mirage Dunes and SMS Gneisenau Encounters)

- Added ash fall to Scorched Hill

- Added sun rays to Gore Peak

- Changed Main Menu BG

- Changed Main Menu Song

- Adjusted Talk/Kill/Leave and Camp choice windows to always be at the bottom middle

- Lowered the sound of attacks/abilities

- Nerfed Empyrean Fang's damage

- Buffed some enemies by a bit.

- Fixed Passive Tree being empty when first opened, now it shows Mouth passives.

- Fixed Abs Passives not unlocking

- Fixed Thigh Squeeze not being tracked

- Fixed going down from the roof in the starting house transfering Saria into the void.

- Fixed a few typos in battle text

- Fixed flavor text on already opened boxes

- Dozens of other small bugfixes


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