0.4.1 - Changelog

v 0.4.1 Hotfix

Fixes :

- Ghost Overlays (Exploits, Passives,Skill descriptions) hopefully put to rest

- Crashing Waves and Redirected Blows unlockable with less points than required and can sink you to -1

- Mook Hardcores not increasing Climax bar

- Enemies being able to get let's say get a blowjob without...even "taking their pants off" mechanically speaking.

- Being able to climb on some house walls in Razed Village

- Getting stuck after an SMS Gneisenau Loss scenario due to enemy colliding between themselves.

- Broken pathing of a Roughman in Raising Ribs Valley

- Some Bleed attacks drain Saria's Willpower instead of Stamina

- The Encounter being considered won if Sentina is defeated but the tentacles are still alive and up to mingle.

- Using the relief options changes the boss art to the regular BJ one for one turn.


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Jul 30, 2022

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