0.5 - Changelog

v 0.5 Changelog :

TL;DR : New batch of cut-ins and re-fighting bosses.

Next month is more mechanics work and hopefuly map progression under SMS Gneisenau.

Changelog (spoilers obviously) :

v 0.5 

- Pose : Titjob (Human)

  Participant number variation (5) and expression variations (3)

- Cut-In : Titjob

- Cut-In : Cum On Tits

- Cut-In : Cum Between Tits

- Cut-In : Tits Lick

- Cut-In : Tit Poke

- Cut-In : Kiss

- Cut-In : Lick Body

- Cut-In : Spank

- Cut-In : Nipple Pinch

- VA with variants for :

  Sentina The Smuggler & SMS Gneisenau Defeat lines

  Finger Sucking 

  Kissing Light

  Tongue Kissing

  Body Licking 

  Mouth Insert

  Mouth Creampie

  Blowjob Loops 

  BJ Dialogue

- Shy in Gore Peak now offers some boss-respawning services. (Requires Celestian Hound Ausfa to be dead)

- Shy also has a potrait if a deal is made

- Spiced up Boss skills a bit more

- Mouth Passives tuned

- Removed Voice/Other Sounds differential sliders, it's way too buggy for now

- Can go into Options or return to Tile from ingame

- Cut-In Duration in Options (Slow,Default,Fast,Press To Continue). If setting doesn't save spam them a bit.

- Cheat Menu. I added it 20 minutes before release so if your save gets nuked...well.

- Lowered frequency of Getting Hit lines triggering

- Fixed a handful of techniques dealing no damage

- Fixed countering Relief/Defensive Techniques

- Fixed fade-in delay for Celestian Hound Ausfa

- Fixed ghost windows (again. please be gone.)

- Dozen small bugfixes


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is it a bug that whenever i am defeated there is no penetration? They all just coom on the character from masturbation

How do you do the bj sscene?