0.6 - Changelog

TL;DR : Mostly beelining for Cardinal Heart so I can get some requested things out of the way, like converting enemy bodypart preferences and having a "CG gallery".

However next month is art month once again, so expect another big chunk of Cut-Ins. 

Changelog (spoilers obviously) :

v 0.6

- Map : Cardinal's Aqueducts (acessible via Mirage Dunes' right)

- Map : Swald Bar Dungeon (acessible via a particular event in the Aqueducts)

- Map : Swald Bar (accessible by leaving Swald Bar's Dungeon)

- Boss : Swifthand Sergal

- Event CG : Tickler

- Battle Pose : Weapon Attack for Slash

- Cut-In : Mouth Creampie

- Cut-In : Tits Bite

- Added sprites for Torn Clothes & Naked

- Merged UIs

- Added icons to Technique costs

- Added 10 new unlockable skills related to Willpower and Hardcore stuff

- Added Guard as a technique Saria starts out with

- VA with variants for : Mouth Creampies and Facials

- 3 New Songs for Sentina The Smuggler, Swifthand Sergal and peaceful areas

- Added Saria being Drunk (all variants of it) as a possible condition to get enemies Horny

- Lowered mook Willpower damages to more realistic standards

- Some Stamina regeneration techniques are no longer instant-use

- Standing Up now costs 50% Stamina and 30% of the cost is refunded after use

- Greatly lowered chance of erasing Horny by dealing damage

- Enemies now attempt to Tear Clothes as quickly as possible if Saria is Knocked Down

- Enemies no longer go for Saria's Stamina if she is Knocked Down or Busy

- Little bit of Emotion is gained upon taking Stamina or Willpower damage

- After a Defeat scenario is over 25% of Willpower is recovered

- Saria now has to be at least Arousal for Mooks to engage in Hardcore activities

- Adjusted Reputation names

- Mooks now slowly level alongside Saria, keeping them somewhat of a threat. (Rewards also increase)

- Fixed Coom Cut-Ins staying on screen until new cut-in or battle end

- Fixed Sian Tilley's void BG

- Fixed being able to spam Strom Tilley's questline (bad end) reward

- Fixed some boss lewd skills not counting towards the Exploits list

- Fixed Saria's arousal level being based on static Willpower numbers instead of a % of total Willpower

- Other small bug fixes


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